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    Georgina Haig (Elsa) and Elizabeth Lail (Anna) [x]

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    Fact# 4903: Whales dream.

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    Tumblr, miracles have happened on this website, let’s try to make another one happen. The link above is a petition to urge Arthur Hertz, the owner of the Miami Seaquarium, to have the Orca dolphin named Lolita be returned to her family in Washington, and be allowed to live the remainder of her life in a sea pen close to her family.

            Now Lolita is one of the oldest orcas in captivity, captured as an infant in 1970 and since then has been trained to perform tricks in a tank that is literally too small to hold her,(when Lolitas tail touches the bottom of the tank her head sticks up out of the water) and has not had any interaction with other orcas since her tank mate passed away and has been progressively  showing signs of severe depression.

         It’s time to take a stand and send a wake up call to the animal entertainment industry by getting her home and safe in the sea pen and close to her family once again. Tumblr we have done similar things before and we can do it again, this petition still needs roughly 9000 signatures, and there are literally millions of tumblr users, so take a stand and help Lolita. If not for her, but for all the animals that suffer at the hands of the entertainment industry. Because one animal may not be much to you, but to that animal and the others, it is everything. A step towards ending this abuse and honoring those close friendship and symbiotic relationship we have shared with dolphins and other cetacean.

       So would you join me in supporting the cause?

      PS. If you have difficulty believing me or signing this petition, watch Black fish (It’s on Netflix) it might change you mind.

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